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Dr. Delivers a Lecture

Inst. Dr. Muthanna Sattar, a lecturer from Sport Department, has delivered a lecture about...

Dr. Munthir Delivers a Lecture about Time Management Skill

A lecture has been delivered by Prof. Dr. Munthir Mubdir, a lecturer from Science Department, Asst. Inst. Suzan Mohemmed, and Asst. Inst. Sukeina Mohemmed. . The lecture was entitled with ( The Skill...

Asst. Prof. Jabbar Thayir Delivers a Lecture about the Guiding Method

A lecture has been delivered at Basic Education. It was entitled with (The Effect of the Guiding Method...

A Lecture about Prudery at the Campus

A lecture has been delivered at Basic Education. The lecture was delivered by both Asst. Prof. Aswan Jalal...

A Debate about Handball Skills

A debate has been held by Sport Department at Basic Education. It was done by Asst. Prof. Dr. Kamal Jasim and...

Dr. Najat Delivers a Lecture about the Performance Evaluation

Dr. Najat Hamdi, the head of the Quality Assurance Unit, has...

The Message of Mr. Dean

 In the Name of Merciful Allah

The College of Basic Education is one of the scientific and educational milestones in our beloved country. It has been full with achievments since the foundation in 19994. It has created different educational staff and provided government with good graduates. We have decided, since we joined the job of deanery in 2019, to do our best in promoting the college and work as one with the staff to maintain this great milestone which serves a wide spectrum of the Iraqi Society.                                                          


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